s!mon vom ROtHWERK

the young bearded founder of rot(h)werk is developing his creative skills since almost 36 years and will not stop as long he is breathing.  "Tattooing is an inner process and needs a lot of patience, for both parts, tattooer and carrier". With extraordinary style, he creates beautiful body work.

Get in touch with this great beard:
Mail: simon@rothwerk.com
Phone: +43 2682 / 61 600

Wall of wanna-Do`s

This is an expandable collection of Sketches that could go under your skin

Please see these pictures as the basic idea of your new tattoo. It does not matter if you wanna have it in blackwork, roughly shaded, speed dotted or shaded real smooth in black and grey. And if you love colours? No Problem! And the size? Depends on the body part...

So go through and feel free to send me an email! 

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